CRM Strategy: 5 Tips to make your CRM strategy a success story

Published:Feb 05 2020 17:23
Last modified:Feb 06 2020 15:36
Author:Danny Liebig-Rath

In your company have you ever heard about a CRM strategy?

If so, your company did a great job in implementing CRM not only as an IT system storing mass of data but as a living management strategy.

If not, well maybe your company has not yet setup CRM as a management strategy correctly or it's still ongoing. In worst case they just installed a piece of IT infrastructure somewhere with no plan how it should improve their business.

Without strategy defined a CRM IT solution is only an expensive piece of metal.

Frank Nickols said in 2012 that "[s]trategy is [...] perspective, position, plan, and pattern." It "is the bridge between policy or high-grade goals on the one hand and tactics or concrete actions on the other." And he's so right.

I worked with several companies implementing CRM solutions and met the same issue in most of the cases: A missing strategy behind the huge investment for a CRM landscape (no matter which it was in concrete).

For opening minds before any piece of server or even keyboard is purchased for starting a CRM implementation, I collect five simple tips that each company should think about to make there CRM implementation and strategy a success story:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Start with the head
    Without your managers and top-level management board supporting, living and consuming the CRM strategy it won't be worth to continue at all. With no backing your implementation will fail, you will burn money, you will burn people’s minds, and you will burn yourself. Don't waste resources.
  2. Involve all touch points
    Your CRM strategy will only be successful with all your customer related touch points aboard right from the start. That means all your Sales guys, all Service guys, and finally all Marketing guys - internal and external as well. Your view to your customer can never be complete if you leave one of your touch points out of focus.
    If you want to support your Sales organization with a tool and measure their performance, buy a tool, but don't name it CRM. That's not what CRM means.
  3. Buy your IT solution at the very end
    It's not the IT system that makes your CRM strategy a success story - it's the people that have deeply understood what the system will be bought for.
  4. Think about data retention
    Collecting data is required to achieve the 360° view on your customer. But maybe the last five or ten years of all the records would even be enough to define your relationship with your customers. All records that are older might not be helpful or even read at all anymore. Therefore, you should have a data retention policy in place for your company that also covers data in your CRM system.
  5. Fulfill your processes with your CRM system not vice versa
    Very often we see a CRM system dictating the processes in an organization. A CRM system or any other IT system should support your processes and strategy instead.

Maybe keeping these five easy tips in mind when you start implementing your CRM strategy will make your company a success story.

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me for any support.